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Pain-free pets

Is your pet in pain or anxious?

If your pet is suffering from either physical or emotional pain caused by trauma, I can help!  My name is Alison and I am a trained animal practitioner based in North Wiltshire. I use a range of therapies, including Bodywork, healing and aromatherapy, to meet the animal’s individual needs.

I offer an initial free 20 minute session with you and your pet, so you can find out more about the different therapies I offer and how I can help your pet.

Relieving pain

My Pet Therapy Toolkit

Webb Bodywork

A range of hands-on skills to release pain, tension, blockages and restrictions from the physical body and energy systems 

Animal Aromatherapy

Essential oils provide remedies and relief for many pet ailments and issues like anxiety

Dog running through grass

Energy Work

Restoring your pet’s energy flow by removing the blockages and bringing them back into balance

Book your free 20 minute consultation

I offer a free initial 20 minute consultation for you and your pet